What We Do

We plant sunflowers and try to decrease the amount of urban vacancy within St. Louis.

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What We Do For You

We can discuss the process in how to create your own sunflower project, work with you directly to implement our technique, or discuss any other ideas you might have.

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What We Do For Communities

Part of our goal is engaging communities and bringing people together, and there is no better way to do so than digging in the dirt. For years we have engaged the local communities near our sites to participate in the project. The project beautifies the landscape and become more of an asset rather than a liability for upkeep.

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Why Plant Flowers?

The Sunflower+ Project: STL works to combat issues of urban vacancy, and show the practicality and viability of transforming urban lots into beautiful, lively ones. With three successful projects already, we are ready and willing to help you plan your own sunflower project, or for you to join andĀ help us sustain ours! With the help of community members and collaboration among stakeholders, our first successful Sunflower+ Project in Old North continues to thrive today.Whether you’re just driving by and catch a glimpse, volunteering on work days, or just wanting to snap a few photos, the Sunflower+ Project: STL creates a beautiful site that reminds us all of the importance of greening communities.

The project got its start after becoming one of the four winners of the St. Louis Sustainable Land Lab Design competition in 2013, and has since expanded to two other sites on Delmar and in Dutchtown.


Old North in Winter


Evening at Old North

Get Involved

Join us to help green St. Louis, engage our communities, and create a flowering urban landscape.